How it works


We get it – you cannot possibly teach the little humans in your house for another minute. Restore sanity and balance to your life by joining Houston Learning Pods.

We provide Poderators to manage and lead small groups known as learning pods. Our services ensure parents can work while their students complete their distance learning.


Part tutor, part nanny, and full-time chief of parental relief, our poderators are the answer to your distance learning problems! Poderators are caring, responsible adults who will facilitate your child’s online learning from their school district, while supplementing it with additional activities as needed.


Learning Pods are available for children in grades K-8th. A single learning pod can have up to eight children. Read our recommendations for establishing your pod.


We offer a half-day option (3.5 hours) or full-day option (7 hours). Pods meet every weekday except school holidays, and each pod determines their daily hours.


In addition to supporting students in their virtual learning through their school district, poderators will facilitate supplemental activities as needed.


Pod parents choose a home base for the learning pod. This home base cannot rotate day to day, but could rotate each week if needed.


Collectively, parents in the pod will establish health and safety protocols for the group, which the poderator will implement.


Parents are responsible for sending all meals and snacks with their children, and poderators will provide their own lunch.

  • Support students in their distance learning courses and assignments
  • Maintain a regular daily schedule that meets the needs of all students
  • Maintain safety and health protocols
  • Plan and facilitate additional supplemental activities as needed
  • Maintain consistent communication with the Houston Learning Pods team
  • Attend training as needed
  • Consistently communicate with pod parents
  • Form a learning pod with up to eight children
  • Align with other pod parents on daily hours, expectations, and health and safety protocols
  • Provide a home base that is equipped with all needed supplies (Wifi, paper, pens, sanitizer, etc.)
  • Conduct final placement interviews and make hiring decision
  • Provide ongoing feedback to the Houston Learning Pods team


For starters, you just might have time to complete your work instead of relearning sixth grade math. Other benefits include:

  • Recruitment, preliminary phone screen, and background checks are done for you! No more scouring Facebook groups for the right person.
  • Poderators are employees of Houston Learning Pods, which means you avoid the hassle of HR paperwork, taxes, worker’s comp, and the general anxiety that comes with wondering if you’ve hired someone legally.
  • Our Poderators receive training and ongoing support so you know your children are receiving quality care.
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Maybe you need different hours, or more kids, or flexibility in your commitment. Check out our recruitment search services, which still provide recruitment and screening services, but allow families more flexibility in the model.

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