Scholarship Pods


Help us bring learning pods to the students who need them most.

We know education inequities have always existed in our schools, and unfortunately, this global pandemic will further exacerbate the racial inequity and opportunity gap within our schools. As the idea of learning pods has gained traction recently, a stark reality has also emerged – the children and families who are most likely to face obstacles with distance learning cannot afford to hire an outside instructor to facilitate this learning, which is why we’ve created Scholarship Pods.

Scholarship Pods provide the same structure and quality poderator that all our learning pods enjoy at no-cost to families. Additionally, our team provides more hands-on support to Scholarship Pod parents and school districts to ensure the necessary infrastructure exists for each pod (technology, Wifi, lunch, and space).

We offer multiple sponsorship options:

  • One-week scholarship for one student: $350
  • One week of full pod sponsorship: $2,500
  • Six weeks of full pod sponsorship: $15,000

If you are interested in sponsoring a pod or student, please complete the following form, and we will follow-up with more information.

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Houston, Texas 77079